E-bike sales to reach $24.3billion by 2025

Electric bicycles continue to be the highest selling electric vehicle on the planet, and are set to account for $24.3bn worth of annual sales by 2025.

A new report from Navigant Research examines the global market for throttle-control and pedal-assist electric bicycles (e-bikes).

Globally, e-bikes continue to be the highest selling electric vehicle, with nearly 35 million unit sales forecast for 2016. According to the new report, global e-bike sales are expected to grow from $15.7 billion in revenue in 2016 to $24.3 billion by 2025.

“Rising levels of population density and traffic congestion are driving interest in different modes of transportation,” says Ryan Citron, research analyst at Navigant Research.”E-bikes are uniquely positioned to be a primary benefactor of this trend since they are low in cost relative to cars, do not require licenses to operate, and can take advantage of existing bicycling infrastructure.”

Improving lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technology is also helping to drive e-bike sales, allowing for e-bikes that are lighter, lower in cost, and remarkably similar to traditional bicycles, according to the report.

To give the cycle trade the knowledge needed to cater for this booming e-bike market, Cytech has introduced the brand new Technical e-bike course to provide the skills and confidence needed to set up, repair and sell a broad spectrum of electric bicycles along with an understanding of the specific standards and legal aspects that apply to them.

Suitable for those who are looking to stock and repair e-bikes, the Cytech technical e-bike course is available to those who already hold a Cytech technical two qualification or as a guide, 3-4 years industry knowledge.

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